2010 → 2012
– DNSEP Option Art, mention of the jury, EPCC TALM, Angers

– Erasmus in E.R.G., Brussels, Belgium

2007 → 2010
– DNAP Option Art, congratulations of the jury, EPCC TALM, Angers


David Picard (1988) lives and works in Saint-Nazaire. Since 2018, this works has been the subject of several solo shows with Rapport de force at The base of support of Entre-deux at Nantes and Ponter at the red Galery at Pont-l’abbé. His work has been exhibited regularly in group show of which Relief(s) – Architecturer l’horizon  at Turbulences – Frac Centre d’Orléans in 2015, Sculpturations  at Abbaye royale of Fontevraud in 2012, Vitrine en cours  at the Galery CDEx of UQÀM at Montreal in 2011 and Je ne vois qu’infini par toutes les fenêtres, et  at Château d’Oiron in 2009. Its works is deployed in installations art, sculptures, videos and photographs. He asked the dynamic links between the body, the volume and the space. He use of Rock Climbing as analysis tool that on our practice. It indicates the processing atcs of the context and at the same time questions the alternate forms by the body.

Group Shows

le dessin du salon, MEAN, Saint-Nazaire
Curated by Carole Rivalin, Isabelle Tellier, Manon Tricoire

De-meu-rer, le Village, Nantes
Curated by BonjourChezVous association
Rendez-vous au sommet, MilleFeuilles, Nantes
Curated by ITHAAC association

Relief(s) – Architecturer l’horizon, Les Turbulences,
Frac Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans
Curated by Emmanuel Chiappone-Piriou & Aurélien Vernant
in collaboration with the artiste Aurélie Pétrel
Support by Éric Degoutte

Sculpturations, Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud,
Curated by Caroline Hancock

Je ne vois qu’infini par toutes les fenêtre, et, Château d’Oiron
Curated by Christophe Le Gac & Philippe Hurteau

In-situ interventions

Targeting Figures, Hall by Jakob & MacFarlane
Works in collaboration with Benoît-Marie Moriceau
Samedi Turbulent – Les Turbulences
Frac Centre-Val de Loire, Orléans
Curated by Emmanuel Chiappone-Piriou & Aurélien Vernant
Support by Éric Degoutte

Murs tramé, group shows Crisis Unit,
Vitrine en cours, group shows Vitrine en cours,
Galery CDEx, UQÀM, Montréal, Québec

Gange, group shows Ile,
Ile de Baurre, La Ménitré

Door, group shows L’invention du île,
Ile de Baurre, La Ménitré

Workskops / Residencies

2018 → 2019
Sancto-Nazario, workshop in partnership with:
l’École des Beaux-arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire
le Conseil régionale des Pays de la Loire
Supported by the Base support of Entre-deux

residency of artistic exchange between
Les Ateliers of Clermont-Ferrand and le Vivarium in Rennes
Supported by Isabelle Henrion

2016 → 2017
Plasticien au Collège,
résidency in Collège Frida Kahlo of Pont-château,
Supported by Virginie Bourget
Chargée des projets d’art contemporain /
Direction de la Culture de Loire Atlantique

Le Grand Café – Contemporary Art Center of Saint-Nazaire

Pointer l’image, Atelier FRACassant,
Les Turbulences, Frac Centre – Val de Loire, Orléans

Monstrare Camp, Dampierre #1,
in collaboration with Art Center of Neuchâtel (CAN), Superama phase 2


VIVAKADÉMIE, conference performed,
Vivarium – Artists’ Studio mutualized in Rennes
5 december 2018

Professional meeting, ESBANM, Nantes
Supported by association Leafy
24 february 2017
– Meeting around the artist’s work,
Atelier d’Estienne – Contemporary Art Center in Pont-scorff
4 february 2017

The Fine Art’s, and after?, EPCC TALM, Angers,
5 february 2016